Grace Adeniyi-Ogunyankin

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Themes: Premonitions of Bodies, Spatial Claims

Methods: Digital Ethnography, Counter-Cartography


Illustrator: Edgar K. Lushaju

[i] For a piece on reimagining design, see: MAINTENANCE: AN AFRICAN PHILOSOPHY OF DESIG by Mário Barros

[ii] For another piece on city space in Nigeria, see: NIGHTWALKERS, INSURGENT NOCTURNAL ECOLOGIES by Chrystel Oloukoï

Grace Adeniyi-Ogunyankin is an Assistant Professor at Queen's University with the Departments of Geography and Planning and Gender Studies. She is a feminist scholar who is interested in African urban futures and Black futurity. Her current research involves a comparative study of the impact of contemporary urban transformations on African youth identity, labour practices, psychosocial well-being and future orientation. She also has a research focus on popular culture, both on the continent and in the diaspora, that explores the issues of subjectivity and belonging and the use of Afrofuturism and Afropolitan Imagineering in geographic projects that address the politics of difference.

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