(translation: you are/it is elsewhere)

kyle malanda

ULI KWINA (2021) offers a brief glimpse into my creative process through disjointed yet connected narratives encountered in my dreamscape. Ngonde ontology observes nature for explanations of the divine. The dreamscape is the shapeshifting landscape where the singular becomes plural (maloto, the dreams).i Birds inform us of the weather, whether we’re to encounter foes, visitors, or a storm, thus influencing the choices we make on our journeys (chisankho, the choice). Snakes are powerful mediums, divine messengers of God, who is too remote for humankind alone to reach (ubatizo, the baptism).ii
Themes: Presencing the Erotic, Counter-Scopic Regimes

Methods: Intimate, Experimental

[i] To read more on dreams and dreaming, see: THEY WHO DREAM OF WAVES: A CONCISE GUIDE TO AFRO-ASIA by Alfonse Chiu 

[ii] For more on mending relationships and assembling understandings of nature, read: WATER NO GET ENEMY: COUNTER-CARTOGRAPHIES OF DIASPOR by Remi Kuforiji

kyle malanda (b. 1994) is a Malawian photographer and filmmaker whose work explores the intersections of racial & ethnic identity, queerness, and indigenous spirituality in an increasingly globalised digital world. Her works seek to interpret Black history into her ideals for the present and imaginations for Black futures. She regularly incorporates fashion design, set design, and augmented reality into her visual works.

Using her multi-cultural and transcontinental experiences as a queer Black woman, kyle's work is an autobiographical reflection of both society and the self/ves. She is based in Lilongwe but is often found elsewhere.

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