My contribution pivots mainly around understanding space and creating possible methods of engaging with and configuring that space, in an attempt to understanding and “humanizing” the urban space in Cairo, I have been trying to experiment and expand the ways through which my experience of the city as a citizen overlaps and informs my artistic interests and concerns. Since the modernization process adapted Cairo to serve automobiles as a dominant unit, cycling, walking and other human scale activities turned to be a resistance/resilience game to reclaiming the right of the city. I began to play this game in navigating Cairo to create/rebuild human landscape as an attempt to confront city intimidation. Then translate the experience occurred into my alternative maps of the space and build different connections within the City.

Azza Ezzat is a Cairo based visual artist. She is interested in urban observations and detecting human traces in the built environment. Between the formal governmental city and the informal community’s reactions, Ezzat searches for hidden cities that are built by impressions, Memories and perceptions. Through the work, a new city’s map is emerged from gained impressions.