(translation: you are/it is elsewhere)


        I work from the realm of dreams. My work is primarily ancestral instruction I am permitted to translate into the language of my experiences. I meet my ancestors in my dreams and they show me an expansive universe, where the past, present, and future happen all at once, because time is not linear and forever is now. In my dreams, I collaborate with my people to build new worlds and reclaim dignity. ULI KWINA would be a deeply personal 3-6 piece surrealist photographic series that intimately explores my dreams and collaborative process with the divine, incorporating symbolism from Ngonde ontology and dream interpretations. When I consider Disembodied Territories, I immediately think of my dreamscape. It is the meeting place for both the dead and the living, spirit and flesh. A place that is not bound by the laws of physics or materiality. Where once lost or destroyed or stolen places, people, artefacts, or stories can return anew, restored by time. The tangible body transforms into both a vessel and map for the intangible. The dreamscape is a shapeshifting meeting place, one both mind and spirit can reconfigure at will.

kyle malanda (b. 1994) is a Malawian photographer and filmmaker whose work explores the intersections of racial & ethnic identity, queerness, and indigenous spirituality in an increasingly globalised digital world. Her works seek to interpret Black history into her ideals for the present and imaginations for Black futures. She regularly incorporates fashion design, set design, and augmented reality into her visual works.Using her multi-cultural and transcontinental experiences as a queer Black woman, kyle's work is an autobiographical reflection of both society and the self/ves. She is based in Lilongwe but is often found elsewhere.