Presncing the erotic ULI KWINA (translation: you are/it is elsewhere) Unajua kupika sombe? Connecting Congolese Kitchens in South Africa Subtle Geographies Disembodying the Black Brit A Geopoetics of Dust Heritage Work as Speculative Fiction Black Horizon A Solution Is Found in Salt and Spice An Ode to Incoherence Maintenance

Premonitions of Bodies

Giving licence to bodies in sense-making exercises

Presncing the erotic

In Audre Lorde’s sense of the erotic, making the sensed present

Wounds of Ruptures

Healing work that manifests in claims, confrontations  and recognitions

Counter-Scopic Regimes

Interrogating  current ways of seeing and against seeing as knowing

Spatial Claims

By reclaiming meaning, inserting bodies, or refusal

Interrogated Materialities

Disecting the tangible and having conversations with its morphologies